As the year comes to a close, it is nice to look back and reflect on what we are thankful for. And although 2020 was not for the faint of heart, the Annapolis Town Center was able to prosper and overcome many hurdles. We helped our tenants during one of the worst public health crisis’ of our time, opened three new Open Air spaces on property, welcomed new tenants to grow our mixed-use offerings, and safely hosted new events like Vinyls and Vino, Sketch Night, and Fright Nights for our community to enjoy. 

Here are just a few of the things our Town Center team members are thankful for this year:

“As an Annapolis Town Center Staff Member, I am thankful for working with a team that has remained safe during this pandemic. We all have taken this crisis very seriously and took every precaution possible to ensure the safety of the Town Center and its guests. I work with some amazing individuals.” Shonda Wallace, Annapolis Town Center Security Director

“2020 has been a challenge for everyone; I am thankful for this amazing life and for my Annapolis Town Center family.” – Zanata Wells, Office Administrator

“I am thankful for making healthy lifestyle changes and being able to provide for my family.” – Cesar Ramírez, Engineer

“I am thankful that my family and coworkers are alive and well. I am also thankful for the positivity 2021 will bring.” – Randy Ramar, Housekeeping

The Annapolis Town Center remains grateful that their tenants have been able to navigate this difficult year and establish a new normal. By creating new accommodations and services to their guests, our tenants have been able to stay positive and be thankful!

A la mode

“This year has been hard, no way to sugar coat it. When times are tough, the blessings really stand out. Our number one blessing: our customers. They supported us when we were limited to online ordering and curbside pickup only. They helped us provide gift bags for front line health care workers when we were running the Comfort Project. Our doors are open today because of them AND because of our next blessing: our staff. Team a la mode pulled together in a way that allowed us to take the precautions we needed to keep everyone safe and keep our operation going.”

Lea Hurt. Manager

Cooper’s Hawk  

“Our amazing guests and wine club members! It’s been so great to continue to see old faces, as well as new ones. We are so thankful for your loyalty and support!”

Hannah Black, Lead Event Manager

Ethan Allen

“We are thankful for those that have put their health at risk to protect ours and to our clients who have remained committed and patient as we adjust to the many changes the pandemic has required.”

Judith Alto, District Design Center Manager


“We are thankful for our loyal customers, their support means a lot to us!”

Natalie Lightner, Assistant Manager and Private Events Coordinator

2020 turned out to be nothing like anyone was expecting. However, there are a lot of take-aways and lessons learned that we can carry with us into the new year. The Town Center has, and will, always be thankful for our tenants who bring new perspectives, people, and life to the property. We are also thankful for those who continuously support the the property through commerce and event attendance. We can’t wait to see you next year!