Charm City Run has been a staple at the Annapolis Town Center for the last 12 years. With a focus on fitness, they have been able to connect with the local community and create a subset of a diverse range. To commemorate their long tenure, we sat down with Bill Frazier, the Annapolis Store Lead, to provide a more personal look into the store. 


Q: For those who don’t know, can you tell me a little bit about Charm City Run?

A: Charm City Run is a walking/running specialty store that has been recognized as one of the top run/walk specialty stores in the USA. It was even named the top store in 2016! We also pride ourselves on the work we do in the community. Anything from putting on a race or operating a running camp for local high schools – we love to give back!

Q: What is your favorite part of the Charm City Run community? 

A: My favorite part of our tight-knit community is all of the stories we hear of people’s individual journeys. I love hearing about the person who first began walking and now runs a marathon. Or, the person who took up running as a way to get healthy and now it is part of their lifestyle. Hearing these stories is what motivates you, and others, to get active and continue on your own journey.

Q: We know Charm City run does a lot of events, what was one of the most memorable, or your favorite run or event? 

A: This past year’s 24-hour run was easily the most memorable for me. We raised money for a wonderful charity, it was the first in-person run since the pandemic started, and we were able to see all of our friend’s smiling faces again – what a great day!

Q: Do you ever get to collaborate with other tenants? 

A: We have been fortunate to collaborate with others and we look forward to doing more of it.  Recently we collaborated with Salty Dogs on a recurring monthly event and we are in talks with Neo Pizza on another venture as well. 

Q: Now that it’s officially summer and things are opening up, what can guests look forward to this summer? 

A: There is a lot in the works. We recently launched our Paws and Claws event – for dogs and humans. With such a great turnout, we have decided to make this a monthly event.  Cross Country day in August for all the high school kids . What I am most looking forward to is our activations for the Olympics! Think viewing parties and maybe an Olympic Village (wink wink). 

Q: What is the best way for people to find out more about your events? 

A: Our events will be on our website (, FB, and IG  (@charmcityrunannapolis).