Curling with Peake Social

January 14, 2023 - February 18, 2023

Join the Peake Social Curling Team on the East Village Rink!

Drop in and League Play Every Sunday & Saturday from 8am – 10am through February 19, 2023.

For questions, please reach out to

Peake Social, formerly Annapolis Social League, was founded with the mission is to bring the community together in three ways: sports, social, and service.

Co-founders Megan Bell and Jeremiah Batucan started this league after noticing a void in Annapolis that combines all of three of these values. They quickly outgrew Annapolis and decided to  change the name to highlight the surrounding area and being the “peak” of someone’s week.

To date, every event they have produced or participated in has driven funds back to the community and they don’t plan on changing. Since the inception, they’ve let the players choose a cause important to them and the winning team’s charity of choice will be the recipient of part of Peake’s proceeds.