Ruah Yoga

December 19, 2021

Full Moon Breathwork and Sound Healing with Trish Brewer

This Full Moon in Gemini is about getting what you want, need, and deeply desire in your relationships. It has us revisiting things from our past that brought us joy and passion in a practical deep way. The roots of what you truly need to have a deep, lasting committed relationship and that can include your finances. Venus also rules money. What is your belief about money? Chiron (the wounded healer) is moving direct on the 19th as Venus is revisiting the past. What a transitional time to make the changes needed to heal the way you feel about your relationships and that includes yourself, your self-worth, beliefs, power and control in relationships, old traumas, anxieties, old triggering wounds. What patterns keep repeating and coming up? This is a perfect time to release and heal them.

We will harness the power of our breath to do just that! Then we will sink into savasana while listening to the relaxing vibrations of the crystal singing bowls and gong.

Breathwork focuses on moving and releasing energy held in our bodies to improve our well-being. Trish D. Brewer is a Certified Breathwork Facilitator and will lead you through this active Breathwork technique wherein you can clear blocks, patterns and behaviors that keep you, from you. Clearing the energy, releasing what is heavy, painful, or stagnant, creates space for what wants to come through you—just like weeding a garden or cleaning your house.

Kimberley Lutz Madden is Certified in Sound Therapy and will take you on a healing journey with a beautiful sound bath. The tones and vibrations of the gong and singing bowls allow for deep shifts and openings to be received through the energetic body. Explore the gifts you receive from being embraced in a sacred space of relaxation, sound, and healing to rest your mind and restore your body.
Open your heart to possibilities and join us!

Sunday, December 19th
4-6 pm