Ruah Yoga

November 14, 2021

Sound Healing with Suzanne Sweet

Sign up for Ruah’s sound healing session with Suzanne Sweet on Sunday, November 14. 

What is Sound Therapy?
Sound Therapy is a natural healing modality based on the principle that everything has its own vibration. By using vibration through sound, combined with compassionate intention, healing throughout the body can be promoted.

Who benefits?
Each individual responds differently to Sound Therapy and may receive different benefits. The most commonly reported benefit is that it may bring about deep relaxation and a sense of overall wellness. Anyone can benefit from Sound Therapy. It works well as a supporting modality for those who already consider themselves to be in good health. It can also be a wonderful stand-alone therapy or a complement to any other medical or non-medical program you may be involved in. There are no guaranteed results, but it can be beneficial to those who have health challenges associated with anxiety, insomnia, pregnancy, emotional, physical, or spiritual stress, or any body system or function.

What sound tools are used?
Sound tools, such as the Tibetan singing bowls, quartz crystal singing bowls, Zenergy chimes, Koshi chimes, practitioner crystal singing bowl, rainstick, ocean drums, bells, tingshaw, Native American wooden flute, vocal toning, and meditation, along with aromatherapy, will be used to bring the participant into a state of deep relaxation and wellness.

Suzanne Sweet is a certified reflexologist, a Certified Natural Health Professional (CNHP), a trained Sound Therapist, a member of the Maryland Reflexology Association, the Reflexology Association of America, and the Bowie-Crofton Holistic Community. She opened her business in 2006 and continues to learn and add services and products for the benefit of others, searching for ways to help improve their own health and wellness through natural means.

Sunday, November 14th
4-5 pm