Smyth Jewelers – Oyster Recovery Partnership

Smyth Jewelers will be planting 1,000 oysters into bay waters for each engagement ring sold through September 30!

Smyth Jewelers has collaborated for the third year with Oyster Recovery Partnership as the title sponsor of their 2023 Build-a-Reef campaign in bay waters. As a local business serving Maryland for over 100 years, the Maryland community and Chesapeake watershed are paramount to the organization. Smyth is honored to work with @oysterrecovery on these conservation efforts. During the 2021 and 2022 campaigns, Smyth planted a combined total of 1 MILLION OYSTERS into bay waters!

Stay tuned for exciting updates over the next few months as Smyth strives to plant another 500,000 OYSTERS into bay waters!