How many times have you seen a great photo-op on Instagram, but the user didn’t tag the location? Or, maybe you’re going on a day trip and you preemptively google, “Best photo spots in ”? Well, we finally made a list of some of the best spots at the Town Center to take those inspiring shots. Whether you wanna show off a new outfit for a blog or need that perfect pic from date night, we have you covered. 


What Lifts You? 

If you hadn’t noticed yet, the Annapolis Town Center loves to collaborate with artists, brands, and other local shops. This mural (pictured below) was painted by Kelsey Montague and has been on the property for roughly three years. Over the course of those years, we have seen many guests snap some memorable photos in front of it. So the next time you visit, we have to ask – “What Lifts You?”. 



On the Green

The Green, located at the end of Town Center Boulevard can be utilized for “the gram” in multiple ways. Take advantage of the beautiful marble gazebo. Stand in the middle or beside one of the beautiful columns to add the perfect dimension to your shot. Or, get candid in the modern lounge chairs while sipping on a beverage from Baltimore Coffee. 


Boulevard Lounge

If you want to give your pictures more of a city or on-the-go vibe, check out the Boulevard Lounge. Located in the center across from Arhaus, this spot is great if you want to include some friends in the shot. To make it even better, this location is perfect for the day and night. Boasting its own fire pit, the lounge will also give your photos a cozy, relaxed vibe. 

Great Egret

In case you couldn’t tell, we REALLY love working with other artists to create beautiful murals for the Town Center. Last August, famous local artist Jahru came to the property to create the ‘Great Egret’. Located on the stairwell next to Cooper’s Hawk, this piece of art is the perfect backdrop for action-shots. Snap the best angle while doing stair climbing workouts, or just strike a post-workout pose. 


On the Patio 

If you joined us last summer for our Vinyl and Vino events, you know just how awesome the Patio is. You would also know that this is the perfect location to snap a few pics during the “golden hour” (the time a little before and after the sunset). Featuring a cute border fence and lounge sets, this spot is a great spot to achieve casual, but stylish pics. 


Crossover Bridge

This location is probably one of the most photographed places on property! Usually consisting of date night and new outfit pics, this location will give off a luxe vibe. The best way to utilize this spot would be to stand against the side of the bridge and take it from an angle. That way you can include the streets and bridge structure, as opposed to the shadowy background. 


2nd Level…..Anything! 

Piggybacking off of the last location, any spot on an upper level is great for combining the luxe and city-esque mood! The railings are a great prop for posing, plus you can take it from any angle. 



The Paseo

Last winter, we opened The Paseo next to Paper Source. Adorned with our new Annapolis Town Center logo and other artwork inside, the Paseo offers great lighting and furniture to help get the perfect shot. Conveniently located near most of our event spaces, it makes a great spot for getting that perfect shot for your feed!


If you have any other great locations, please share them with us on social! We would love to show off our guests (and ourselves) from time to time. If you want to see more, follow us on Instagram and Facebook. See ya next time!